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what good is a website if no one can find it?

about our seo

You can have the most beautiful, user friendly website in the world but it’s worthless if no one can find it. We use Search Engine Optimization to get your site found by users of Google and other popular search sites. Our SEO analysts know how use the hundreds of different ranking factors to get your business a high ranking so that when people try to find your type of company, they’ll find you.

Search Engine Optimization is not easy and it’s not something you can learn overnight; that’s why we specialize in it. In order to get the most out of your time and money, we use state of the art techniques like strategic internal linking and keyword-based content to give you the edge on your competition. We realize that SEO is an ongoing process and so we work to improve your search engine ranking every day and provide you reports that show your growth from month to month.

What happens if your website is not on the front page of major search engines? You risk losing a large percentage of potential business coming your way! Every day, a huge number people search the Internet via search engines to find central Ohio businesses SIMILAR TO YOURS. Get a comprehensive, consistent SEO strategy in place so you don’t lose business to your competitors.

when doing Internet Searches, how often do you look beyond the first page?

First, we analyze your business to see how it can best compete on the internet, then strategically target your direct competitor’s websites to determine a plan of attack. We use industry best practices and emulate other highly-search optimized sites that consistently rank high for relevant keywords, terms, or phrases- and improve upon it.

mywebwow implements proven “white-hat” SEO strategies and techniques to ensure that potential customers find your website before they find your competitors’. Our strategies include keyword research, content development, and a process that designs/re-designs your website to achieve higher page rankings, while reaching the greatest number of people interested in what you have to offer. We work hard to be the Columbus, Ohio SEO firm that uses the most cutting edge techniques to get your business noticed.

if you’re ready for growth-driven design, we’re ready to help