What is Growth-Driven Design?

If you’ve bee-bopped around our website you have probably seen the term “Growth-Driven Design” a few times. And you’ll probably start to see it a lot more over the next couple of years. Growth-Driven Design will become a marketing buzz word, without a doubt. But before that happens, we want you to understand what the term actually means so that when people start throwing it around carelessly, you’ll know whether or not they are using it correctly.

What Growth-Driven Design IS

A new way of thinking about web design

A new way of designing for optimal ui/ux

Focused on Inbound Marketing strategy

How you keep your website from becoming obsolete

How you adapt your website for maximum conversion

What Growth-Driven Design ISN’T

A static, single minded way of thinking about web design

A design that looks pretty but doesn’t consider ui/ux

Focused on Outbound Marketing strategy

Having to re-design your entire website every 2 years

Having a website that doesn’t convert visitors into customers

When you work with an agency that uses the Growth-Driven Design method, you can expect to get a website built for performance and designed to grow with your brand over time. With this new way of thinking and designing, marketing goals are built into your website from the very beginning. Then, once your site is launched, marketing and analytics gurus will monitor your site to see how visitors are interacting with it and make tweaks to optimize conversion.

I know what you’re thinking, “Shouldn’t this have been the way websites were built all along?” Yes, this should have been the case but it wasn’t and still isn’t the case for many website design firms. In a lot of cases, websites are designed to simply “look pretty”, but are not built to fulfill their real purpose; to be the digital extension and marketing/sales channel for your brand online.

Bottom line, Growth-Driven Design is changing the way that websites are built and providing real results for businesses just like yours.


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