bds marketing

the problem
spoiler alert, we delivered a solution

BDS, a retail marketing company based in California, came to mywebwow facing a unique branding challenge; they were a company of three different brands yet they didn’t quite know how to position each brand or explain how their brands related to one another. This dilemma of three different brands was confusing their sales people and their website was overwhelming their target audience, making it difficult to understand what BDS stood for. Ultimately they needed help presenting their brand in an easy-to-comprehend manner across the digital space. BDS needed someone to tell their story.

the solution

Through research and by diving into each of the three unique brands associated with BDS, mywebwow was able to create a strategy suggesting that BDS merge their three brands into one. Under our strategy, BDS would offer three service levels under one brand, instead of offering three brands that acted alone. mywebwow was responsible not only for coming up with the strategy of how to accomplish this, but also all of the creative work behind it which included a new website, custom photography and content, and a new social strategy. We took BDS’ three brands and merged them into one, creating one SEO strategy, one website, and one unique promise of value that encompassed all of the brands beautifully.

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