the problem
spoiler alert, we delivered a solution

BODYCRAFT came to mywebwow for a website after two other creative agencies were unable to capture the essence of their brand. Their frustrations centered around the fact that these other agencies couldn’t seem to find the right mix of design and user experience elements that properly or effectively showcased the sleek aesthetics and innovative features of their fitness equipment. Because their staff knew the importance of a brand right website, BODYCRAFT desired to have a site that was an online extension of what customers saw and felt when they visited their showroom floor.

the solution

mywebwow was the first agency to take the time to get to know the BODYCRAFT team, their products, and their company, which is why they chose to hire us to build their site. After focusing on creative concepts and user experience, we delivered an e-commerce website that met both their aesthetic requests and user functionality needs and BODYCRAFT decided that we were the right team to continue to help build their brand awareness and promotion. We have been helping BODYCRAFT boost their social presence and get found online through implementing an ongoing SEO strategy.

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