cps parts & service

the problem
spoiler alert, we delivered a solution

CPS, a successful commercial kitchen parts and repair service company, approached mywebwow for help when they found that they had an outdated brand with no tangible differentiator in the market. They needed help communicating what made them unique. And they needed to establish themselves in the digital and social space. Their SEO and website were lacking to say the least and consumers were not able to easily find what they needed when visiting their online store. They had no social presence and were being beat out by their competition in search rankings.

the solution

mywebwow created an entirely new website for CPS with both front end and back end functionality, that included a searchable parts database; revolutionizing their ability to be found through organic search and helping the consumer more easily find what they needed once on the CPS website. We also established their social presence, radiating their personality and unique promise of value in the social space. Most importantly, we were able to give CPS a brand refresh and establish trust between CPS and their clients.

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