smith springs

the problem
spoiler alert, we delivered a solution

Smith Springs is a family owned and operated business that works on repairing and servicing commercial and municipal trucks as well as selling a wide array of truck and trailer parts. Their area of expertise is in replacing truck springs. With three physical locations and the capacity for even more growth, the elephant in the room was that Smith Springs had zero web presence and didn’t know where to even begin. With no website, no technology to help sell their extensive parts inventory online, no social media or brand awareness, they asked mywebwow to step in and take the reins.

the solution

mywebwow was able to build a website for Smith Springs, capturing custom photography in the process. We are currently working on documenting their over 60,000 parts inventory and making it searchable for website visitors so they can easily purchase and order the part they need. Our social team created their social pages and has helped to promote brand awareness and company culture on channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn. We have an ongoing SEO strategy that helps Smith Springs get found by the right people at the right time.

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